“Reaching Beyond to Help Others”

Helping Other Families

Hi Everyone,

After we hear of tragedies, it doesn’t take us long to forget about them. Even the media decreases their coverage to move on to the next one, and someone is left in the dust. I say that because I am about to repeat myself. When someone is in or facing large financial trials, people tend to forget that those in need have ongoing needs. Unless someone wins the lottery, receives a HUGE donation, or some other LARGE miracle, it takes time to recover. Whenever a tragedy strikes our country we say, “We will never forget,” which is partially true. I say it because I’ll never forget 9/11 – every detail of that day, from the morning I woke up to evening, has forever been marked on my memory. But, how long did it take me to forget the faces of that tragedy? I’d rather not answer. Same for weather-related incidents, the Boston blast – how long does it take us to forget the countless lives that were devastated? What gets under my skin is when other people have the audacity to “get annoyed” with hearing about the same tragedy (& those who need help) on the news for more than a couple of weeks. Well, yes, even a couple of weeks or months after these tragedies, people still have needs!

One of the many, many reasons that I blog for our organization is to spread the word, and continue to spread the word about those who have large needs…to hopefully help them get back onto their feet. These situations seem almost impossible, but every single step/donation makes such a large difference.

If you can, please help these two families who have needs:

http://allbuthomeless.wordpress.com/ – their needs change daily & hourly . . . I wish we could do more for them, but we can’t for right now. Please, anything you can send to them will help. PayPal sends funds faster than GoFundMe, but I’ll still provide the link:


It has been such a battle for the Bowersox family, but they have been blessed with some miracles along the way. You may read more about their story here: http://jacksonville.com/news/health-and-fitness/2013-06-13/story/boy-who-lost-fingers-broke-arms-craig-field-accident-uses

The family has a very large need. If you would like to help out, please check out their fundraiser. Here’s the link:   https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/53d2/pray4ben

(I checked all of the links and they work for me, but if for some reason you cannot get the sites to come up, you may either: copy & paste the link into a new window, or do a Google search, you will find them.)

If you or someone you know would like to help, but aren’t comfortable in sending a donation . . . gift cards for Target, WalMart, Winn Dixie, or gas stations always work!

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  1. AMEN. Thank you so much ! 🙂 God Bless you.

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